Sunday 24 December 2017

Outsourcing IT? Things to keep in mind

It is very important that you have a proper outsourcing plan before you hire an offshore company to handle your IT development requirements. If properly planned, outsourcing can add great value to your business and also reduce your expenditure to a great deal.

As more and more companies are going for IT outsourcing, more and more IT service providers have cropped up in various corners of the globe, providing extensive IT development services. The rapid spread of Internet connection and growth in the industry has lead to the development of a solid base for these offshore IT companies which operate from their development base to offer you varied range of IT services. Today global outsourcing has become more of a business necessity.

Software outsourcing requires proper planning and execution. You have to keep in mind the following steps before you go for software development outsourcing.

Set your objective

You must have a proper reason to outsource your application development. You must be aware of your objectives and the outcome you are expecting. Set your targets and then go ahead with selecting the service provider.

Manage employees

It is very important that you keep your employees assured and make them feel secured while outsourcing your IT requirements to offshore companies. Most of the times, employees feel insecure about the financial status of the company when you outsource. It’s your responsibility to keep them believing in you and make them realize it is just one of your business requirements that an offshore company can handle better.

Handle your Expectations

You must realize that results don’t come overnight. You will enjoy savings but that will take time and in the same way, it will take a bit of time to get your application scalable and flexible.

Decide on Outsourcing Requirement

Decide on the work you want to outsource. Try to start with non-core requirements, which can help you to make some savings.Outsourcing requirements that don’t require in-depth technical knowledge assure failure proof outcome. This is a great way to start with your outsourcing plan.Starting with easy requirements and then moving on to the complicated ones will not only allow your offshore partner to be acquainted with your project scope but also help you to manage the flow of the project.

Find Service Provider:

When you have generic development requirements, it is always safer to go for provider who bills you low for their services. This will not only get your project completed backed by a huge resource pool but also cut down a lot on your expenditure.You need to check on the provider background. There are things that are equally important as their experience. You must check on their work ethics, references, and cultural compatibility. This will help you to work with them on the long run.Make sure the location you choose for offshore software development has peaceful demographic and political condition. It is also important that you do a little research on their work culture.It will be great if you can pay a visit to your offshore partner and interact with your development team working on the project.Never forget to check on the references.

Train your management:

Before you start outsourcing, it becomes very important that you prepare your company management for the changes that might happen in the company.Let the management know your long-term plans and business development strategies.Train your management to deal with employee retention policy if any requirement arises.Make the offshore service provider feel comfortable and work with you as a part of your company. This will encourage your offshore development teams to work properly for you and maintain a good business relationship.

Gear up Business Security

Before you give access to your offshore development partners to deal with your company details, make sure you have made all your business processes secure.Secure and upgrade your confidential networks and client details.Build up a communication between your teams and management.Get Non Disclosure Agreement signed with your offshore development partner to keep your business information safe.

Start Small

Always start with small requirements when you deal with new service providers. Gradually move on to the next level.

Increase project scope gradually

Once satisfied with your service provider, you can go ahead and expand the project scope. You can now let them know your complicated requirements.Once sure, about your offshore outsourcing partner, do not hesitate to expand your requirement to the fullest.

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